4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Rogues Revealed!

Wizards posted the entire entry for a rogue from the new PHB.  Here is the link to the raw data.

Rogue Link

I am trying to minimize my contribution to 4th Edition hype, so I will be brief.

What I liked:

Clearly defined role and character setup.

Sneak attack lives on!

Character build suggestions for a new player.

What I hated:

Clearly defined role and character setup.

Character build suggestions for a new player.

No, that is not a misprint. I am concerned that in Wizard’s attempt to make the game more user friendly, they are  creating standard templates that limit creativity. I am willing to wager that the suggested feat choices listed are the “best” mathematically and tactically for the rogue to have.  I know you can pick whatever you like, but I feel new players should be allowed to pick character feat/traits/powers without so much guidance.   “Mistakes” during character building often lead to more interesting characters.

I fear that Wizards is creating a clone army of PC types with little variation to appease a generation weened on MMORPGs.

I hope I am wrong.

Trask, the Last Tyromancer



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